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  1. Hi, my name is Lindsey and i am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. I am a girl scout junior. You are allergic to way more than me. Even though allergic i still can eat a lot of things, I just cant eat out to as many places. Its cool you started this blog!!

    1. Hi Lindsey! Its so good to hear that people follow my blog! I know it can be hard going to restaurants. :( When my family and I go out to eat, I'll always order a salad with just lettuce (no toppings at all) with oil and vinegar as the dressing. Sometimes, if we know the restaurant really well or we know its safe, I'll order french fries or baked potato (but that is very rare). Then, with me I'll bring either chicken, hot dogs (they are chicken too) or a turkey burger. This way, I still get to eat with my family and have fun, without feeling left out! Good luck in Girl Scouts and with your food allergies!


  2. Thank you alli and yes i follow your blog. I showed one of my friends that is allergic to fruit when she came over and she really likes your blog too! She is a gs also but not in my troop. When i go out to eat my mom always asks and usually it is safe but not always. I love pizza so usually go with that because its safe always. We have this one restaurant that makes sure everything is safe for me because my dad is good friends with the owner.

    Thanks, Lindsey

    1. I'm glad I could help! Good Luck in Girl Scouts!!


  3. Thank you and you too..:) I wanted to know if u had nay advice on how to make a blog because i am gonna make a music blog and am working on it right now when i thought i should check on my laptop to see if u wrote back. and u did! If u have any advice please help out.

    1. Well, I highly suggest using Blogger (what I use) especially if you have a Google account. Its really organized and easy to use. Also, create a good design that is cute but not TOO busy, so that way the focus is still on what you have to say in your posts. And I guess also try to post somewhat regularly...that's my problem, I don't have set points where I decide to write a post. I just write whenever I'm inspired but it works well too! You'll do great! When you make it, let me know and I'll follow it. If you need more advice, let me know!