Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Great Blog: "Jazzy Allergy Recipes"

I have just discovered this GREAT blog! It is called Jazzy Allergy Recipes and it is filled with a few years worth of posts and posts of dairy, egg, and nut free recipes! I haven't tried any of them out yet, but definitely plan to tomorrow! Try some out and send in pics of the turn-out! Let me know which ones you recommend!

Click on the link below:

Jazzy Allergy Recipes

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Peeps

Easter has already passed, but I have to say personally, it was one of the best! Not only did I have plenty of candy, but I got to have dinner with my best friend's family! Granted, they are Jewish, but they happily took part in our Easter festivities! This year, we held our first Annual PEEPle's Choice Awards! It was a blast! I'm sharing this with you because not only is it Easter-related, but it is allergy-friendly! My friend and I entered "St. Peeps Hospital" (which is the picture on the left). My sister Claire and my friend's mom and sister created "The PEEPle of Israel". Finally, my sister Katie and brother Peter created "The PEEPle's Court". All of them were so funny and were a blast to create! So if you have left over Peeps or next year around Easter time you need an activity, I highly suggest holding a PEEPle's Choice Awards of your own! Send me pictures!

Have Fun!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Subway Support

Just last week, my two sisters and I went to Subway for dinner. As I got in line, my sisters allowed me to go first. I immediately told the worker that I had food allergies, and before I could request the use of clean knives and gloves, this is what she said:

   "Let me wash my hands, then I'll get a brand new knife from the back."

Despite the simplicity of this gesture, I was so thankful that a company like Subway hires people legitimately capable of doing their job. This woman knew how to help me while keeping me safe, and it was awesome!

However, just two days ago, I had a bad Subway experience. This time, when I asked for a clean knife from the back, the worker was shocked and looked at me like I was crazy. He told me they did not have any clean knives in the back, but that he could use the bread knife. I okayed this, but the attitude of this man upset me. He was unwilling to cooperate to keep me safe and shocked when I asked for a slight adjustment. I ended up getting an itchy tongue after the second half of my sandwich, but with the help of Benadryll, I  wa able to avoid any further reaction.

If all employees were like the woman that served me at Subway, and not like the man, it would be so much easier for those with food allergies to go out and eat without being worried about reactions. I hope one day this can happen, but until then, please stay safe while dining out!

Best of Luck!