Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Friendly "Ghost"

Last night, my family arrived home from a long day out, and were happily surprised when we discovered that we were "Ghosted". As most of you probably know, this is when you leave candy and treats at someone's doorstep and anonymously ringing the doorbell. Upon being ghosted, you then have to ghost 2 other houses within 48 hours.

This "Ghosting" was different than any other my family has ever received in past Halloweens. The treat we were given was graham crackers and marshmallows- a s'more minus the chocolate, making it allergy friendly. To top it off, within the zip-lock bags containing the crackers and marshmallows, there were the ingredient labels as well! Someone out there, a family friend and neighbor, took into consideration our food allergies while putting together their secret "Ghosting" and my brother and I definitely appreciate it!

If our "Ghost" is reading this right now, thank you! I hope you understand how much it means that someone knows and cares about our food allergies!

If you have been "Ghosted" and are about to pass it on, find out if the children have food allergies and take it into consideration when choosing the treat.

Have a happy and allergy-friendly Halloween!


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