Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Generosity Gone Wrong

I was 2 years old on a long car ride to visit family. In the car was my sister Katie, age 6, my sister Claire, age 4, my mom and my dad. My mom was up front handing out sandwiches to me and my sisters. She just handed both my sisters their peanut butter sandwiches and was about to get my jelly sandwich, when my 4 year old sister Claire decided that she felt bad that I had to wait for my sandwich. She ripped off the corner of her sandwich and I quickly ate it unknowingly. This tiny corner of sandwich could barely have been considered a piece of crust, with hardly any peanut butter at all. Yet, I was throwing up within minutes in the backseat and turning as red as a tomato.

From this, my mom simply learned to give me my sandwich or meal first, so that way my sister didn't find it necessary to give me any more sympathy food...


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