Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Allergy-Free Trip Follow Up

I just returned from my 4 day Wind Ensemble trip on Sunday, and everything went very smoothly! There were no issues with the food at all! A bonus was that my roommates and I ended up with the largest room out of everyone that came with a mini fridge AND a microwave! I was able to easily store and cook my food as necessary!

A short story that I'd like to share from this trip:
While on the bus ride down, I decided to show my friends I was sitting near where my Epipen was and how to use it if it became necessary. Even though I already had a trained chaperone and my sisters with me, I thought it would be good to have them as backup. As it turned out, most of them already knew how to use it! Not only that, but they were fighting over who would take the responsibility of injecting me. They showed me that they weren't afraid to step up and help if it became an emergency situation (which fortunately it didn't!) I have good friends and it was a fun trip!

If anyone has questions on any specific details of my trip, just comment and I'll tell you!
Thanks for reading!


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