Friday, November 30, 2012

Never Make Me Cry

In my English class, my teacher gave us an assignment to write a poem about something that has affected our lives. Naturally, I chose my food allergies and wanted to share the poem with all of you.
* Please note the reference to my blog in this :) *

Never Make Me Cry
Some may say I'm different 
Some may say I'm strange
But when I'm standing next to you
We look just the same

Nothing on the outside
 Is different, you see
It is something on the inside
That separates you from me

For me it's like a madness
That cut straight to the core
But when I realized God's there for me
It was a madness no more

I was constantly careful
I was nervous that the pain,
(If one thing went wrong)
Would start coursing through my veins

Now as I get older
I struggle less and less
I've come to understand
God gives the hard stuff to his best

I've learned to survive
To flourish, to withstand
Everything this has thrown at me
Especially when unplanned

To you it seems there's something wrong
Just from what you've read
 But really I'm living quite strong
In the shadow of what's ahead

I'm passing on my knowledge
To others just like me
I share my stories with them
And inspire them to believe

Someday its presumed
That they'll simply disappear
But the doctors have been saying this 
For a hundred thousand years

With this I was born,
And with this I will die.
But never will I let again
My food allergies make me cry.



  1. Alli, you continue to inspire me and me so many. This poem is just beautiful. I hope to see you, soon. You are helping so many people with this blog. Do I have your permission to share this beautiful poem with the Support Group. I am sure your teacher gave you an A+ on this assignment. You are living proof that you can live a complete life with food allergies. You an inspiration to all of our kids. Thank you for what do each day.

    1. Please feel free to share it! I didn't realize how much positive feedback i was going to get from this, and when I woke up this morning and saw 52 likes on the poem and 25 new people liking my page on Facebook--it was an amazing shock! Thank you for believing in me!


  2. Wonderful poem. I will be sharing it with both of my boys 7 yo & 9 yo who have peanut and tree nut allergies. Thank you for putting into words what I am sure both of them feel - Wendy

    1. Wendy, you are very welcome! I am glad that I was able to help!


  3. Allergies suck.
    - night hawk

    1. Well I'm sorry you feel that way. I hope that you can look on the bright side of things someday. I know everything that sucks about food allergies- trust me I've lived through them. But because I've lived through them I've been able to learn to look on the bright side. I even had people contribute to a list that shares what the benefits of food allergies are too them. Maybe you should check it out?
      I hope this helps and I hope one day you can change your mind!