Tuesday, November 27, 2012

4th Grade Memories

Having food allergies can be hard, and having a reaction is even harder. But I've been lucky. My brother Peter and I have the same food allergies so we know that whatever one eats, so can the other. We also have very similar reactions to our allergens, which most of the time is vomiting. I remember one time in particular. I even wrote a story about it in 4th grade. Here's what I wrote (no edits):

I'm Proud of You 

     It was a normal time, of a normal day, of a normal year, but I'm not sure if my brother made it feel as...well as normal as it was supposed to be.

     Me and my brother were sitting in our (normal) family room watching t.v.. Everything was fine, until it happened.
     "Blegh!" My brother was starting to vomit. Not a good sign. I raced into my (normal) kitchen, grabbed an bucket and darted back into my (not so normal anymore) family room.
     "Mom!!!" I shout up the stais into my moms office. "Peter's getting sick!!!" I do this while holding a bucket under my brother's mouth.
    My mom reminds me of a fast racehorse racing to the finish line. The finish line? My brother.
    She sees me holding the bucket in front of Peter and tries to clean up everything he vomited on the carpet, the couch, and himself. as he finishes cleaning his stomach out of whatever irritated it, he starts to feel better.

     About an hour later afte everything (and everyone) was cleaned up my mom told me something.

     "Allison?" my mom says.
     "Yeah?" I answer.
     "There aren't many people, including me, that would hold a bucket infront of someone who's getting sick in the bucket. I"m proud of you."
     "Thanks mom."
     "Peter will always know that his sisters love him."

      I guessed it turned out to be a not-so-normal day after all.

I guess what I'm trying to point out here is that food allergies have impacted my life from Day 1. It impacted me enough that I wrote a story about it when I was 9! There has never been a day that I haven't thought and/or worried about food allergies. But you have to know you can still build a successful life around food allergies! I have so far!


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