Friday, February 8, 2013

The Newbie

Very recently, one of my good friends discovered that she is allergic to almonds while eating a new trail mix her mom brought home. She started getting hives all over her face and quickly took medication. As she is adapting to this allergen, she realized just how many things contain almonds, whether its directly, or just because the food was processed on a facility that produces almonds.
When I asked her what she thought about her new food allergy, this is what she said:

"Its just a different way of living. Even though its a small allergy, I've had to change and be aware of what I am eating, such as granola bars, trail mix. I just have to double check everything I was used to having...I miss having my favorite granola bars...but I don't miss the rashes!"

I guess what I really learned from my friend, this "newbie" to food allergies, is that no one can really understand food allergies and the struggles we go through unless they have allergies themselves.
I'm not saying that people don't try to understand, the people that try are your true friends. However, I am saying that although they try, they will never truly know what you will have to go through. You have to be able to stand up for yourself and know that despite this, you are NOT alone! The people who care for you will always be there, and so will everyone in the allergy community, including myself. Best of Luck!