Friday, September 7, 2012


School has started back up again (I've only had two days and I already wish it was over!), and sometimes kids just don't understand what it's like to have food allergies.

When I was in first grade, there is one thing I clearly remember. It was my turn to play a computer game, and all I remember about it was that it involved ants stealing food from a picnic blanket. One boy came up behind me and in the most mocking-tone possible, he said something like "Make sure you don't eat the peanuts, Allison". Now for whatever reason, this made me cry uncontrollably. Looking back now, I don't exactly remember why, but I know it hurt my feelings.

My food allergies were misunderstood by this one kid. To him, I was the allergy girl. To myself, I am an ordinary girl who just happens to have food allergies. When people let food allergies define who they are, that is when they become misunderstood. Most of the time, when I eat around people and explain that I have food allergies, they are normally like "Really? I didn't know!". I make people remember me for who I am, not my food allergies. Don't get me wrong; I embrace my food allergies with confidence and do not shy away from situations that involves me explaining them. My Aunt shared this picture with me, and this is exactly what I've been trying to say.

My struggle is food allergies. But I am not food allergies. I will not let people define me for my food allergies, and neither should you! Best of luck!



  1. Dear Allison,

    Your blog was recently recommended via a support group I'm in (I'm the mother of two food-allergic kids, ages 8 and 12). Just want to tell you I think you're doing an outstanding job sharing your story and explaining what it's like to have food allergies. Also, your writing is excellent! Keep up the great work with the blog and handling your allergies with such grace!

  2. Thank You! Its great to know that I'm reaching people!

  3. You are sharing the hearts of all food allergic kids to give understanding to all that food allergies do not define you! BRAVO!!!!
    I have 2 wonderful kids , they also happen to have food allergies.
    one 21 in college with his own apartment and 3 terrific room-mates and an 13 year old. They have BOTH felt that way at one time or another!

  4. This is soo sad. But so inspiring..I hope you don't mind if I share this website on my DeviantART page because I truly believe others should hear your story.

    1. Please feel free to! It will help publicize my page even more, which is exactly what I'm trying to do! Make sure to send me the link and I'll post it as well. Thanks!