Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Feeling of Gratefulness at the End of Summer

Summer has come to a close, and for me, it was as busy as ever! From teaching swim lessons to acting in a musical and starting preseason cheer practice, my activities were nonstop! Although it was filled with laughter and fun, I once again found myself in the reigns of an allergic reaction.

It was the evening of August 14th. We were at a diner that had always been safe in the past. It could have been safe that day too if I hadn't been so foolish. I was in such a good mood, laughing and joking with my sister and mom that when I ordered I wasn't as clear with the waiter as I should have been. I was blinded by my happiness and it cost my health.

The side of bacon that I ordered was not cooked separately like I had asked, and my reaction started almost immediately with a small bump on my lip. It then went to my stomach and I knew there was no way to avoid getting sick. It finally ended 2 and a half hours later when I threw up.

Those 2 and a half hours reminded me just how few of the people in my life understand what I'm going through.

They've never reached that moment when you know that something is wrong.
They've never had to admit to someone that you made a horrible mistake and feel sick.
They've never had the fear of everything about to happen as your body goes weak.
They've never felt the aching pain in my stomach that makes me beg for it to end.
They've never felt the tears well up in my eyes as I sit in front of the toilet and wait.
They've never dreaded that moment when you know that you're going to be sick.
They've never prayed for that moment to finally come, knowing that it would at last be over.
They've never felt the exhaustion that follows it all.

But they've also never known what its like to see the concern in the eyes of those around you. They've never felt the hug from someone that may never really understand what you're going through, but is determined to stay by your side anyway.

They have never felt love quite like I have. 

Everyday I'm grateful for the family and friends that I've been blessed with, but it's those days where it all goes wrong that I'm truly reminded of how lucky I am.

To all of you that are a part of my life, I don't thank you enough. I hope you know that I appreciate you in everything you do for me.



  1. Hi, Allison! Read about your food allergy journey in the most recent Allergic Living and just live your blog! I would like to chat with you about guest posting on my blog. Please contact me at Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this!