Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Close Call

The other day, I had a very close call- but because of my little brother, a food allergy accident was avoided. My brother had just gotten back from camp, and there was a bag of lemon snap cookies on the counter in a bag. I went in and grabbed some after checking the label. I asked my little brother, "Hey, are these lemon cookies good?" He immediately replied, "I don't know, I can't have them". (My little brother has all of the same food allergies as I do--except he's not allergic to carrots). I looked at him like he's crazy because I always look very carefully at labels. But just in case, I double check. He was right. At the bottom of the ingredients in small but noticeably bold type, it said "Produced on a facility that manufactures peanuts."

My brother has always been there to help me, and its been great growing up with someone that had to go through the same problems that I have had to go through. I've been able to avoid any allergic reactions for probably around two years now, and thanks to him I've been able to keep that streak going! He's the BEST!!! :)



  1. Hurrah for Alli's brother!!!!!
    Although he will always be your "little brother", get ready for the day when he's taller than you are! It will be funny, when you two realize that your little brother has grown taller.

  2. Oh don't worry. He's already rubbing it in my face that he's 3 inches taller than me! I'm the shorty in my family :)