Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Random Acts of Allergy-Friendly Kindness

I walked into lunch the other day, as I would any day, and took my seat by my friends. One of my friends, who I don't know too well, was about to take a seat next to me. However, at the last second she stood up and walked around to the other side. Slightly hurt, I said: "(Name of friend), you can sit here" but she replied immediately "No" But when she explained it made total sense and left me happily surprised. She simply said:

"I have peanut butter today, and I don't want to get you sick."

Today, another occurrence happened. In the middle of lunch, my friend across from me pulled out a granola bar, and she too left me happily surprised. She said:

"You know Allison, I was going to pack a peanut butter bar for lunch, but when I realized that I have lunch with you today, I traded it for a regular granola bar. I didn't want to risk getting you sick."

So this I am dedicating to these two friends, who stopped what they were doing just to adapt their lives around me; to keep me safe. I really appreciate it. The little things like this are what keep those with allergies safe. It helps me stay healthy AND it makes me appreciate what great friends I have! Thanks friends!!!



  1. Thank you for posting these stories. They warm my heart. My daughter is 4 and I hope she has caring considerate friends like that, when she grows up. She's lucky to have sweet friends right now, too, thankfully, and I hope the trend continues as she grows. :)

    1. I'm sure she will be! With a great mom, she'll be able to! Best of Luck!