Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Sweet Friend's Sweet 16

Recently, I attended my best friend's Sweet 16, and it was so much fun! But, as per usual, I had to bring my own food, though that was in no way a problem. (Again, as per usual- I've gotten so used to it that it doesn't even phase me anymore!) Anyway, the reason I'm sharing this with all of you is because of what my friend told me before the party.

Whenever I go to parties, I make a point of asking the host what she is going to be serving. This way, whatever food I bring can be similar to what everyone else is eating. As soon as I asked my friend, she looked up at me and said "Oh yeah! Just so you know, I talked to the manager and told them my friend has severe food allergies and that she has to bring her own food. They told me it wouldn't be a problem and that they can heat anything up. So bring whatever you want!" She said this in such an off-handed manner, but I gave her the biggest smile. Yes, she is one of my best friends, but I have never expected anyone to do something like that -to look out for me- unless I specifically ask them to. When I told her that, she looked at me and said "Of course I would ask! You're my friend!" in a tone that said she's surprised I would expect anything less.

Very often, I find it hard to trust anyone besides myself with handling my food allergies, be it a friend, or even a sibling or parent. However, from this friend, I've learned that even though it may be hard to trust other people with certain aspects of my food allergies, the ones that truly care will try and help; She showed me that even though food allergies are hard to handle, I will never have to do it alone.

So to my friend, thank you for always being there, and helping me even on your special day. You truly are a great friend!


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