Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Love of A Mother

Dedicated to my Mother, who has made me who I am. She has helped me live with my food allergies, and shown me how to be the best person I can. For that, I am so grateful.

The Love of A Mother

Each day I woke up
Scared of what would come
My mom helped me stand
By giving her love

She dries my eyes
She wipes my tears
She's held my hand
Over all the years

With a quick little hug
Or a good long laugh
She's there to brighten my day
Making each one last.

She watches out for me
She makes me feel safe
Whether I am by myself
Or within her embrace.

Her smile lights up a room
Her laugh so contagious
Without her my life would be dull
Because of her, I'm destined for greatness.

You have stuck with me
(You didn't really have a choice)
You've taken care of me
You've given me a voice

I love you Mom
I hope you know
You've brightened my life
You've helped me grow

To the Mother of me
To the sister of some
To the friend of many
And the wife of one
You deserve the best
You keep on giving
Without you, Mother
Life would not be worth living.