Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Peeps

Easter has already passed, but I have to say personally, it was one of the best! Not only did I have plenty of candy, but I got to have dinner with my best friend's family! Granted, they are Jewish, but they happily took part in our Easter festivities! This year, we held our first Annual PEEPle's Choice Awards! It was a blast! I'm sharing this with you because not only is it Easter-related, but it is allergy-friendly! My friend and I entered "St. Peeps Hospital" (which is the picture on the left). My sister Claire and my friend's mom and sister created "The PEEPle of Israel". Finally, my sister Katie and brother Peter created "The PEEPle's Court". All of them were so funny and were a blast to create! So if you have left over Peeps or next year around Easter time you need an activity, I highly suggest holding a PEEPle's Choice Awards of your own! Send me pictures!

Have Fun!


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