Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bullying and Food Allergies

Right now, I am sitting in my family room and while half-paying attention to the news, I suddenly heard "Food Allergies" mentioned. My head snapped up and I heard them say that many kids with food allergies are bullied! I immediately looked it up and found this article that shares some information about it! Read the article and tell me what you think!

Bullying and Food Allergies


  1. I love your blog! :D I've had a severe nut allergy since i was 2 (14 years) that extends to airborne c: it's great to see such a successful blog about allergies with lots of information! I also have issues with seasonal too especially tree seeds it's so great to see another girl my age with a life long allergy like i have :) just this school year I've been allergy bullied,and had over 10 allergic reactions (mainly airborne reactions, thankfully not 911 calls but a few ER trips with mom) because my school is not nut free only with nut free classrooms being the ones I'm in or other people with an allergy which is only one or two (and not a nut free lunch room at least two reactions have been from nuts directly in the lunches)and only from September to now! but next year there are a handful of students coming to our high school with airborne allergies! :D I'm planning on making an allergy safe club where people wth allergies can go to eat lunch and socialize if the school doesn't go peanut/nut free (all the school districts around us are already allergy friendly) do you have any tips i could use? I would really appreciate it, you have such great ideas! thanks a ton :D

    1. Hi ChibiMuffin! I'm so glad that you've come to my blog!! I have never had an airborne allergy, so I cannot fully relate to your situation. Despite this, people should NOT be bullying you over your food allergies! It is not something you can control or choose! I wish I could come and talk some sense into those bullies! I'm surprised that with your airborne allergy your school is not nut free, but my school is the same way--still containing nuts that is! The allergy-safe club sounds like a great idea! And I'm sure if you wanted to you could ask some of your friends, even without food allergies to join the club with the promise that they bring in nut free/ allergen free food. This way you would have the support of your friends behind you. If they are true friends I'm sure they would want to! If you have any more questions, please contact me!!! Best of luck!