Saturday, August 25, 2012

Party Time!

So you're going to a party, and of course...there's going to be food. Some people are only allergic to one or two things so they are able to find something allergy friendly, where as me, its the whole shebang. I have to bring all my own food. At a party, maybe I can eat the chips, but that's about it. So how do I make bringing a meal less awkward? When I'm invited to a party, I ask what they are going to be having. If they are having pizza, I make sure to bring some Italian-type food like pasta. If its a barbecue, I bring a turkey burger or chicken dog. This way, my food blends in. People are still going to ask you about it, there's no avoiding it, but it will be slightly less awkward. Don't let your allergies control your life. Don't decide to stay home instead of going to the party because you know you won't be able to eat anything! You can still have fun at a party with food allergies, so enjoy yourself!


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