Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School, Back to Allergies

Over the summer, I feel like everyone with food allergies gets a break. You mostly eat at home and don't have to worry about eating at school or any cross contamination's from your friends' food. But in a little over a week, school is starting up again, which unfortunately means our break is over.

When preparing to go back to school (elementary school in this case), make sure you talk to not just the nurse, but your teacher as well. The nurse may be the one you give your medication, but you are more than likely to be with your teacher when you start reacting. Make sure your teacher knows the symptoms of an allergic reaction because you might not notice it at first. Just a suggestion, but see if your teacher can get trained in how to use an Epi-pen, it could always come in handy if the school nurse isn't available.

This year, I'm going into High School. I've known how to use an Epi-pen since third grade (check out my previous post CBS Family Interview), but it was last year that I was officially trained. In my high school, we are allowed to carry around a bag, so I'll be carrying around my own Epi-pen, Inhaler, and Benadryl, and I suggest you do too. Its still a good idea to give your medication to the nurse, but if there ever comes the time where you need any of it, its easier and safer to you have it on you.

When it comes to lunch time, I highly suggest that you bring your own food. It is definitely safer than eating something in the cafeteria, because there is always the risk of cross contamination. However, if you feel that your cafeteria staff is really good and it will be safe, go for it! HOWEVER, make sure you talk to the cafeteria staff before school starts to tell them that you have food allergies and they can help you figure out what you can and can't eat. I never risked buying cafeteria food, but occasionally one of their packaged snacks that I could read the label of.

Well, good luck on the first day of school! If you have any questions, just ask!


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