Thursday, August 23, 2012

Explaining Food Allergies

Okay, we all know it. When it comes to explaining your food allergies to someone, they never understand it, especially at first. Someone offers you something to eat, and you are given two choices.

Option One: Simply say "No Thank You". There's no explanation necessary-they just assume you do not like the food offered or are not hungry.

Option Two: Give the full out "I have food allergies" speech. Tell them no thank you and explain that if you eat something that you are allergic to, that you can become very sick. Try to make the situation light, add a joke and speak in a care-free tone. This will get the point across that food allergies can be dangerous, but you're not worried about it.

I know these situations can become awkward-trust me, I've gone through plenty of these talks. Sometimes they start to apologize repeatedly and to us, it just becomes annoying, but to others that don't understand, they probably are truly sorry. These are the conversations that you just have to muddle through...because in the end, its important that people know that you have food allergies so you can stay safe when eating around them.

So when it comes time to give the "I have food allergies" speech, don't be afraid or embarrassed and do it confidently!


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