Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Not You!

Okay, so I'm a teen -- and from some of my good friends, I get questions about what it will be like dating with food allergies. What if my date wants to go out to dinner with me, or the movies? What happens if he wants to kiss me and he's eaten something I'm allergic to? (Sorry for this mom, I know this scares you). Well, I haven't yet come across this problem, but I know one thing. I cannot be embarrassed about having food allergies with my date, because at some point, if he doesn't know, it could be the matter of life or death for me. So I've thought about it, and I realized I have to be upfront about my food allergies. When the date first starts, I have to immediately tell him, "I have food allergies. I keep an Epi-Pen and Benadryl in my purse. If I ever have an allergic reaction to something I eat, you have to give these to me. Maybe sometime I can teach you how to use the Epi-Pen so in an emergency you can help me?" Not only would this little question help you stay safe, but it will also give you another opportunity to hang out with him! If the boy really cares about you, he will do anything possible to keep you safe! If he doesn't care, then maybe you should take a second look at the reasons as to why you're going out with him. Your safety is number one when it comes to dating, so don't let yourself be embarrassed. Remember that it's not your fault!



  1. aww that is so cute! ^^ hopefully that emergency training will never be needed though:)

  2. You have a great attitude, Alli.
    Whenever you get ready to date, you are right about telling the lucky fellow immediately about your food allergies.
    Avoid pizzerias & burger places! Why not go with your future boyfriend to teen events at your library instead?
    Don't forget that food allergies are NOT limited to girls. Maybe your first boyfriend will carry an Epi-Pen too?! : )

  3. I hope I'm lucky enough that my boyfriend will have allergies too! That would work out perfectly!