Friday, May 3, 2013

Fear is a Choice

An allergy is not something to underestimate. It affects the way you live, act, and enjoy life on a day to day basis. It causes you to start double-checking everything you are going to do to see if it is going to involve food, and your allergens. However, by over checking, you are setting yourself up to live a life of fear. If you are thinking about your allergies every hour and minute, then you have to understand that it doesn't have to be that way. There is a difference between living with an allergy and fearing what you have to live with. It is important to stay on the right side of this fine line. Fun and excitement can still be a part of your every day life while living with a food allergy! Don't become over-protective of yourself or your child every time you want to go out.

Who would always want to be thinking about when their next reaction is going to be? Not me! I want to know how to help myself if one occurs, but I don't want to be scared 24/7 about what's coming next! If I stay safe right now, I am protecting myself for the future. But right now, I am also having fun and enjoying myself, even with food allergies. I hope you can too!
Stay safe, and have fun!

Best of Luck!


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